Thursday, November 5, 2020

U.S. (S)Election Theater

Regarding this very strange (s)election process currently going on in the US:

May I remind everybody of what happened in the 2000 "election."
George Bush was announced as the winner before all votes had been actually counted in Florida. As his lead had shrunk to about 2100 votes there were still over 6000 mail-in votes not counted and a recount of all Florida votes was imminent. The Republican-dominated Supreme Court then ruled that there would be no recount and also that the late mail-in votes (for example from overseas soldiers) were not eligible.
All in all Al Gore received more votes than Bush nation-wide and probably would have also won the state of Florida, thus becoming president. But he wasn't allowed to, so he didn't.

I'm not saying things would have turned out differently under Gore but we all know what happened with Bush as president.
9/11 happened, with the entire Bush administration up to their necks in it, followed by the wars against Afghanistan and Iraq and the PATRIOT act that allowed mass surveillance of all Americans and most of the rest of the world.

The man responsible for all debris, especially the steel beams and structures from ground zero in NYC to be removed within mere days before they could be examined by scientists and forensic criminalists was the mayor of New York. Clearly that material was not to be examined and become part of the investigation.
And there is good reason for that, this video here is well worth watching as it shows some incredible things that happened to the WTC buildings and may explain why there was so little left of them.
Where did the towers go? All signs point to dustification by use of directed energy weapons.

And we don't want the unsuspecting world to find out about such things now, do we?
Certainly not when we are trying to tell a totally different story.

So who was the mayor of New York City who ordered the evidence to be removed as quickly as possible?
None other than Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump's lawyer, who is now proclaiming that "the elites are trying to steal the election."
Judging by his past actions it should be clear to everybody that Mr. Giuliani is part of the very same "elite" that he now accuses of wrongdoings. He is a criminal and an accomplice of the perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, make no mistake about it.

After the Bush regime and its crimes we got Barrack Obama of course.
Before he was even sworn into office the Nobel Prize committee had already awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize. What had he done to warrant that prize? At the time of the awards absolutely nothing. And afterwards even less. In 2011 he ordered the attack on Libya, starting a war to enforce regime change in an up until then prosperous and mostly peaceful country. Not in the interest of the Libyan people but for solely "elite" reasons, like installing a new central bank controlled by their cartel. And a few other reasons as well.

Next came the participation in the civil war in Syria and of course the drone war that is still taking place all over the world where people get killed by drone strikes that the media will not report about.
So no, a Democrat president didn't do much different than his predecessor.
Say what you like about Donald Trump as president, at least he refused to get goaded into starting a war with Iran after the two false flag attacks had been staged. Which Hillary Clinton would have done with absolute certainty.

But at the same time don't overlook the fact that while he didn't start a new war he signed a treaty with Saudi Arabia that will net the Military Industrial Complex 100 billion dollars in arms and weapons trades. He didn't start a war, he just outsourced it. The MIC still profits immensely from his doings.

It should be quite obvious by now that both Democrats AND Republicans are part of and a product by the "Deep State", just like the overwhelming majority of their members, supporters and voters are normal and wonderful people who are not in on the goings-on.
There is no "these are the good guys and those are the bad guys" here.
I mean, one of the first things Trump did as president was the big tax reform which lowered taxes for billionaires and corporations immensely. For example Amazon made a profit of 12.4 billion dollars in 2018, paid zero taxes and instead got a TAX REFUND of 154 million dollars.
"Draining the swamp" that is not.
To afford these tax cuts for the super-rich taxes for the common man and woman will rise significantly, starting in the year 2025. Guess who will not be president anymore in 2025 - Donald Trump.

So what we're basically witnessing here right now are two criminal factions of the same crime syndicate fighting it out for supremacy, and like it or not neither side has the people's interest at heart. Sorry, folks.

Until the entire crime syndicate is brought down it is not relevant who you vote for and who wins an "election." They all support the same end goal, and Freedom for mankind is not part of that.

Which is why we have to keep up the good fight to take down the entire syndicate and its inhuman system.
And we will be victorious.

Everything will be all right.

As It Should Be

Love, Light, Unity, Peace, Freedom and Ascension for All



  1. So this whole election in U.S.A. is just another step on the ladder for humanity to reach for individual souvereignity, the I AM within. Let go of the matrix and start building the foundations of your soul!! Thank you

  2. Bump, Triden or rule of ThumB?

    Which came first - the chicken or the egg? Biden or Trump? Both or neither, depending upon your point of view, in accordance with your perspective.

    This dilemma only applies to those still labouring under the illusion of duality, to those still voting, to those still counting on their five senses to inform them of reality. For there is another viewpoint - more lofty and all-encompassing.

    Because both eventualities are mutually interdependent; no egg without chicken and no chicken without egg. No Trump without counterpart Biden and no Biden without counterpart Trump. Like the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’ of a coin, - positive and negative, - both sides are inextricably linked by… neutral: a THIRD all-embracing, underlying omnipresent overriding principle - Consciousness.

    Depending upon your point of view at any given instant, the ‘choice’ that you make - Trump or Biden; heads or tails; chicken or egg - depends upon what first comes to mind…what comes to mind FIRST! And in the event of a ‘dead heat’, of an ongoing undecided winner - chicken or egg; tails or heads; Biden or Trump - , you are faced with an alternative; continuation of the same ole same ole, or the introduction of a completely original approach to the question, and new point of view. In place of duality an additional prong emerges ahead and h_ails a: ‘Tr_iden_t’?; a clean ‘Brume’?; - a ‘chookieg’?…

    As an expression of Consciousness, Man is innately capable of surpassing previously imposed, synthetic limitations - definitively terminating along the way all attempts to induce transhumanistic determinism - and re-dis_cover and reactivate fully his innate Potus-essential potential to invest a completely new system of socio-politico organisation that takes as its rule of T_hum_B the vested interests of all beings upon Earth.

    Consciousness is rising to the occasion and universal sovereignty shall ensue…

  3. Replies
    1. If it says so, at the bottom of the page, then yes

  4. thanks for this great blog, and the Victory of the Light is here and Now, who ever is in power

  5. I care who wins or loses, when the vote is fraudulent. When software is used to manipulate the votes, Hammer, Scorecard and Pelosi's Dominion (because they want dominion over the people... what's in a name?). And when we question this, we are labeled as conspiracy theorists or unamerican. Would you respond the same if I arrested you and denied you due process, would you feel the same?

  6. I may not as much as you do, but I know a lot about Trump and he does not have a good heart or soul. He likes chaos always and has governed this way for 4 years. He wants loyalty from his administration people instead of to the Constitution or government. He has no business knowledge and has been extremely corrupt throughout his life. He has sexually abused women, with 12 sexual assault cases pending and 1 rape case. Numerous Investigations pending against Trump that will proceed the moment he is no longer president since you can't prosecute a sitting president. He is definetely the most flawed candidate. All the lawsuits are frivilous. I am a poll inspector and know how careful we are at when people vote when casting the ballots and filling out the paperwork. He is not a kind, caring person. Does not follow Jesus' message. Love one Another. He is vicious and vindictive towards anyone he disapprove of. Most other presidents who have not won reelection have graciously conceded and moved on with their lives.

    1. If you'd paid attention you'd realize that the root of chaos was not Trump, but the slanderous media.

    2. The Supreme Court only ruled that the 2000 hooplah in FL was not under their jurisdiction but by our Constitution, was to be decided by FL. You don't realize how I tried to give people all these facts back then and the lies have only grown.

    3. Rose Van Guilder, you are being very negative and biased, just repeating what the fake BSM is continuously putting out. Try to be more balanced and objective.

  7. This article has an error. Al Gore, not George Bush, was announced has having won in the state of Florida before polls in the panhandle area of FL, which is in Central time zone, had closed. This obviously was done intentionally by the "news" media. It resulted in most voting districts in America buying voting machines--BIG mistake, I can say, as an telecom embedded software engineer.

  8. And finally, this article wrong about Trump being a part of the Deep State, though many Republicans are. He isn't really a Republican.


    1. I never said that.
      What I said was "It should be quite obvious by now that both Democrats AND Republicans are part of and a product by the "Deep State", just like the overwhelming majority of their members, supporters and voters are normal and wonderful people who are not in on the goings-on."


  9. p.s. Everytime a FL district did recount, GB got more votes. AND it was the Dems who attempted to stop mail-in votes by veterans who were overseas.

  10. The Supreme Court only ruled that the 2000 hooplah in FL was not under their jurisdiction but by our Constitution, was to be decided by FL. You don't realize how I tried to give people all these facts back then and the lies have only grown.

  11. Na meditação de hoje ficou claro que estas personalidades não estarão em nosso futuro. Vi tória da Luz

  12. "But at the same time don't overlook the fact that while he didn't start a new war he signed a treaty with Saudi Arabia that will net the Military Industrial Complex 100 billion dollars in arms and weapons trades. He didn't start a war, he just outsourced it. The MIC still profits immensely from his doings."

    Is Rajah saying that now that the usa has a treaty w saudi arabia, the military industrial complex in the usa, can make tons of arms and employ tons of ppl to make tons of usa jobs, then sell tons of arms to saudis and make billions of dollars for the MIC / and the americans that work for them? and then the saudis use the weapons to start wars and kill people?

    That sounds very bad. USA making money from making and selling arms. yikes. Not good.

  13. Because I feel that some of your story line is inaccurate, I tend to read between the lines to see your crafting, Saying it in such a way so that you project your credibility. As so much of this so called "duality" has been projected by people's way of crafting history to tell their tales. Totally understandable - but so limiting.
    To base your "theater" on very little true historical accounting - well - that debunks the whole story for me.
    There's way more here than just this n that. Goes back a long time. Fighting for supremacy? Really? I don't think so.
    I don't know your age - but I can tell you this. I am old enough to see the demise coming - the plan has just plain stopped working.
    The "reset" is here - whatever that means to you. That's the beauty in this whole time frame and what we collectively are experiencing.
    Is your glass half full or half empty?
    Do you truly need governing?
    The mirror/illusion is cracked now - and you either move towards the light and growth or you don't. I believe the fork in the road will separate the ones that choose ascension - whether you term that in physical "reality" or not.
    This has been one of the best shows on earth - called election -
    The word: election / (ɪˈlɛkʃən) / noun
    1. the selection by vote of a person or persons from among candidates for a position, esp a political office
    2. a public vote on an official proposition
    3. the act or an instance of choosing
    4. Christianity
    a. the doctrine of Calvin that God chooses certain individuals for salvation without reference to their faith or works
    b. the doctrine of Arminius and others that God chooses for salvation those who, by grace, persevere in faith and works

  14. As you are indeed a bit younger, your perspective aligns well with mine. For me there is no "outside" world, we are the world. And you are right in that it is spectacularly wonderful. With our free of choice, we can choose to have our surroundings align with our vibrations.
    One main contributor that produces the most upsetting symptoms for many people is what we call the main stream media. Yet, the msm is not an illness. A splinter can cause the symptoms of an infection, yet a splinter is not an illness.
    See where I am going with this? I agree - it is much better to heal the illness. But what is the planet befallen with? Are you actually defining an illness?
    Just taking the splinter out may not heal the illness. Sometimes you have to define and eliminate symptoms to be able to heal the illness.
    That's why "theater" is a good choice - the majority are living a life of acting out a role and not their true self. How much of our symptomatic lifestyles today have been exposed as fraudulent? How much of what our daily routines consume us and become worthless? Aren't these the symptoms that are awakening people? So many are.
    The cognitive dissonance is becoming very uncomfortable for many.
    When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
    The sheer timing of "Trump" is priceless. What many were told was "your imagination," turned out to be very real indeed.
    Exposing fraud and the illusions of our life is the beginning of our healing.
    The Big Picture and your desire to achieve will prevail.
    I commend you and your very inspiring article. Blessings.


    1. Most of what I say and do is guided by a very real and functioning connection to my Higher Self.
      For example, I replied to your comment and a few hours ago was told to delete it as you had read my answer. And only now did "I" find out that you actually did.

      Same with this entire post. I was guided to write the thing and after I published it I was told that it will be linked to on the Portal website. Which happened of course.

      The age I told you is only that of this incarnation here of course, I've been doing this many times before and for a very long time.

      Give this here a listen if you feel like it.
      This is
      World of Sleepers

      They will all awaken.