Wednesday, July 14, 2021

See The Light

 Jump in the River and learn to swim.

God's gonna wash away all your sins.

And when at last you see the Light . . .

All the pieces on the board are in almost perfect position.


Friday, April 30, 2021

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Love Meditation

The Universe is asking you to ask Her for Help.
Please do this short meditation whenever you feel like it and as often as you feel like.
Suggested time is whatever you want it to be. 10 seconds is as good as 10 hours.


Bring yourself into a relaxed state of mind where you feel calm, centered and at peace.

Close your eyes and envision the whole Universe in its thoroidal shape with the Universal Sun in the "middle" and all Galaxies moving around it in the everlasting Cycle.

Envision the Universal Sun pulsing, sending out a beam of Pure Light and Love all across the Galaxies, stars, planets, moons and asteroids.

Envision that Pulse reaching our Solar System and planet Earth, flooding the entire planet with the overwhelming feeling of Loving and Being Loved.

Envision each and every single being, physical or spiritual, on, in and around this planet, Gaia, feeling the Love of the Universe, feeling Pure Love. Many of these beings for the very first time in millennia, many of them for the first time ever.
See their mouths open and their eyes growing wide as they feel something for the very first time. That they never could imagine before.

Envision the most hardenend, blackened hearts and souls slowly then suddenly Light Up with Love. See the most selfish, greedy and ruthless beings stop what they are doing and realize the Power Of Love . And the Error Of Their Ways.
See them abanodoning their mission that they have been on for dozens, hundreds, thousands, millions of Earth years and saying "No More."

See them turning around to their followers and underlings and telling them "No More."
See those supporters saying, by their own Free Will, and not because they were ordered to "No More."
See all those beings that we perceive as being dark and evil, who have done unspeakable things, break down in tears and vow to change their ways forever.

See them all say "I am sorry."
And see the Source, the Central Universal Sun say to every being, every soul: "I know. I Love You."

And see The Flash Of Love light up the Universe.

YOU are Creators, and the Creator wants you to join in Creating.
And if you feel like it, please go ahead and share this little message with others.

Thank you.


Monday, March 29, 2021

Musica Universalis

By popular demand I pulled a sword out of its spot in the floor where it had stuck for the last few years.
Not as desired but as expected that caused a bit of a commotion and called for some rearranging and restructuring. No big deal.

As I put the finishing touches on the new and improved setup of The LightMachine this was playing.
And certainly not by accident or coincidence, but as another example of Perfect Timing.

Here We Go.


Wednesday, March 24, 2021

A ReMinder

 Since it was apparently mentioned in a recent interview:

 The "moon" as you know it . . .

It is not what you are told it is.

Think about it:
By the laws of physics an object circling a planet which has a much larger  mass should be attracted by the planet's gravity, right? Meaning it should be moving closer to the planet.
Unless of course the object circling that planet has some sort of means to counter the planet's gravitation and stay in a steady orbit.  All of the sattllites orbiting Earth have to use an engine that keeps them in their position.

The same holds true on a larger scale.
All, and I mean ALL, planets orbiting the Sun are rotatating around their axis, thus providing a form of inherent accelleration to prevent being drawn closer to the Sun.
Likewise, all of the moons orbiting other planets are rotating around their axis, so that they can stay in a steady orbit and not get pulled towards the planet they are orbiting and eventually crashing into it due to the gravitational field.

With one, and only one, exception.
The "moon" orbiting Gaia, Earth, does NOT ROTATE AT ALL. Whenever we look at the moon we always see one side of it, it does NOT ROTATE. Thus, by the laws of physics, it has no inherent acceleration and should be drawn towards Earth by Earth's gravitation.
But that is not happening.
Instead the "moon" stays steady in its orbit, only showing one side of its surface all the time.
And by sheer "luck" and "coincidence" it is , of course, exactly the same size as The Sun, so that it can eclipse The Sun. Or 107% the size of The Sun when looking from Earth, to be exact.

None of that is by "accident" and none of that was ever done by The Creator of this Universe.
It is an artificial object and NOT a child of Gaia or this Universe.
This supposed "moon" is artificially constructed and was brought here as a  tool to be used by the dark to relay dark energies and cause havoc on Gaia. And it always does.

It may look nice in the night, yes it does.But it is an instrument brought here by the darks and is only used for harmful purposes.
Every single meditation or ritual directed at or involving the "moon" is ALWAYS used by the dark, backfires and the energies of your actions are being syphoned / sucked up by the dark. Every single time.
The worst ones are when there are solar eclipses when the artificial "moon" blocks out the Sun, thus blocking His positive Energies and amplifying the dark's energies brought by their space station orbiting Gaia.

I was told that way back in 2012, and watching it, observing how it moves and more importantly how it DOESN'T MOVE has only confirmed what I was originally told.

This clip here actually explains a lot quite nicely, and My Higher Self has confirmed that all that is being said is TRUE.

The "Moon" is not what you think it is.

Don't worship this moon, it does nobody any good. It's FAKE.

And if anybody tries to tell you otherwise they are WRONG.
Don't fall for their misinformation.

That having been said, this is

The Whole Of The Moon

 I've seen it. And it ain't good.


Saturday, March 13, 2021

Friday, March 5, 2021


For centuries, millennia even, the surface population of Gaia has been ruled by the same tried and unfortunately true concept of divide and conquer.
It is time we all become aware that we are deliberately being mislead and turned on each other.
The real enemies of mankind are not other humans who may have a different skin colour, gender, religion, migration background, political opinions or whatever it may be.
We are all being fooled all this time.

But as Abraham Lincoln said:

"You can fool some of the people all of the time.
You can fool all of the people some of the time.
You can not fool all of the people all of the time."

Unite and Rise


Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Storm

The  devil whispered in my ear and said "There's a storm coming."
I looked the devil straight in the eye and said "I AM The Storm."

I felt a shiver in the heat-haze and the waiting time is over
Strange tongues on the airwaves as the voices call from distant lands
I saw which was the winning side but still I joined the other
And I'm in love with every strange unfolding day
As the storm begins to break cover

So let the whirlwind blow
Through the ice, the melting snows
Let the whirlwind blow
Across the freezing skies and the tiny lights below
And so we shutter up the doorways as the ripples move towards us
For a moment stop breathing - She wakes and stirs beneath our feet
The Order try to stand their ground, while every battlefront is shifting
They still believe that they can hold the reins
But then they've got no sense of history

So let the whirlwind blow
Through the ice, the melting snows
Let the whirlwind blow
Across the freezing skies and the tiny lights below
Let the whirlwind blow
The waters seething, bubbling out of control
Let the whirlwind blow
Come on take my hand and we'll dive
A television blares in an empty room
The poisoned waters glisten
Goliath staggers round in a punch-drunk daze
Doesn't understand what hit him

I saw which was the winning side but still I joined the other
And I'm in love with every strange unfolding day
As the storm begins to break cover

Let the whirlwind blow
Through the ice, the melting snows
Across the freezing skies and the tiny lights below
Let the whirlwind blow
The waters seething, out of control
Let the whirlwind blow
We watch the Oceans Rise and the governments start to fall

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only Light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate. Only Love can do that."

- Martin Luther King -